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The 5 Elements of an Effective Threat Hunting Program


Your Own Personal AI Threat Hunting Assistant

All you have to do is ask, “Hey Kognos, tell me what I need to know about the threats in my environment?
and Kognos puts the blueprints of the attacks in your environment in your hands.

Autonomous Hunts
and Investigations

Kognos runs investigations and hunts for threats exactly as an analyst
would - from start to finish - but does it all in a matter of minutes, even seconds.

Advanced attack-tracing artificial intelligence (AI) follows the data, uncovers the real threats in your environment, and builds out the timeline and sequence of events. You get visibility into all lateral movement, insider threats, and attackers “living off the land”, that need to be addressed.

Attack Stories

Provides visibility into everything, going back in time. Identifies the moment of infection and traces attacker movements throughout your environment.

You get a complete, contextual picture of exactly which devices and systems were involved, what happened, and when. While other solutions only provide snapshots, Kognos hands you the full video stream of the attack, so there are no unanswered questions and no loose ends.


Works in the background, collecting logs and alerts across all of your endpoint and security tools, keeping your ongoing attack stories up to date at all times.

With the latest attack information at your fingertips, you can appropriately prioritize and focus your team's resources and responses. Kognos also automatically adds hunts and investigations that have been seen in the wild to ensure your security posture continuously reflects
current conditions.

The Experts Weigh In

  • Mike Viscuso, Co-founder and Former Chief Strategy Officer at Carbon Black sees an end to alert fatigue and analyst burnout with Kognos
    Seth Robbins, CRO at HYPR: The Passwordless Company, explains how Kognos, the brain for XDRs, advances the entire security industry. 
    Shane Shook, PhD., author, trainer and expert witness in cybercrime investigations, reveals the magic of Kognos.
  • Mark Weatherford, Chief Strategy Officer at NCC, names Kognos as the only platform he's seen that can detect malicious attacks in real time.
    V.Jay LaRosa, Head of Global Trust Assurance at TikTok, discusses how analysts need Kognos to combat insider threats
    David Fairman, Chief Security Officer at Netskope, introduces Kognos, the Industry's first relationship-centric XDR Investigator.


Proactive, autonomous threat hunting to combat the most sophisticated adversaries

Bolster Analyst Productivity

Stop burning out your analysts and wasting their precious time and resources wading through alerts and conducting manual investigationshave Kognos do it for you. 

  • Reduce false positives by 95%
  • Reduce post-breach investigations to hours/minutes
  • Enable junior analysts to do complex analysis

Strengthen Security

Conduct hundreds/thousands of hunts every day and respond quickly and thoroughly to attack activity. Appropriately remediate every device and system touched by the attack. 

  • Detect subtler behaviors
  • Reduce dwell time to minutes instead of months
  • Reduce mean time to recover (MTTR) to minutes

Reduce Investigative Costs

Eliminate time-consuming investigative and threat hunting processes. Find what matters and what to do about it - without having to lift a finger.

  • Reduce investigation and triage time for alerts by 90%
  • Consolidate visibility with a single pane of glass across all underlying EDR and SIEM tools
  • Reduce reliance on expensive security training


It’s the difference between someone narrowing down your choices and someone simply handing you the answer key.

As the pioneer in autonomous threat hunting, Kognos hands your analysts the visibility and insights they would usually need to spend days to get. With proprietary attack-tracing AI, Kognos is the secret sauce your investigation and threat hunting teams have been missing. 

Unlike traditional threat hunting, incident response - and even XDR tools - that try to narrow down where you have threats, Kognos tells you exactly where they are. Kognos autonomously runs investigations and threat hunts to pinpoint what matters, and what to do about it. 

Kognos is that key that unlocks the blueprints of the attack activity in your environment, giving you all the context and details you need to appropriately respond.

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Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming threat hunting and investigation processes that make it easy to miss something or introduce errors.

Pinpoint What Matters

Find key information buried in the alerts and events generated by all your different security tools. Traditionally, most alerts go un-investigated, but Kognos can look into them all and find the ones you need to care about.

Understand Your Risks

Understand the relationship of individual events to other activities, enterprise-wide, to accurately characterize their reach and significance.

Uncover Everything, Beginning to End

Go back in time and trace all the movements of an attacker throughout the environment to show you the complete timeline and sequence of events. Nothing’s missed and nothing’s left vulnerable to attack.

Technology Integrations

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Kognos continuously monitors billions of relationships to detect suspicious behavior. Once detected, Kognos uses an AI powered inquiry engine to ask thousands of forensic questions per second to fully contextualize the attack and present the findings as complete attack campaigns, allowing the analyst to respond in real-time.


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