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March 22, 2022
Automated Vs. Autonomous Threat Hunting

When you're talking about effective threat hunting, automated is NOT the same as autonomous.

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March 15, 2022
The Importance of Hunt Hypotheses

When it comes to threat hunting, you can’t just throw your net out and see what you catch. You need a starting point - something specific you can look for that is most likely connected to or will lead you to a threat. We refer to these as hunt hypotheses.

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March 9, 2022
A New Era in Solving Dwell Time Is Here

The Kognos security platform is a relationship-centric autonomous XDR investigator platform that fuses events from existing EDR, NDR, SIEM and other telemetry sources into semantic relationship graphs. Kognos then continuously monitors billions of these relationships to detect suspicious behavior.

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March 3, 2022
Ebook - The 5 Elements of an Effective Threat Hunting Program
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October 20, 2021
How The Network Effect Strengthens the Entire Security Community

With automated hunting and recipes you can share with the community, you can eliminate the challenges with IP or the risk of sharing threat intel - and the community can get stronger and share these hunts with each other.

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August 31, 2021
The Future of Threat Hunting

As the cybersecurity industry continues to make tremendous technological progress, criminal organizations and nation state adversaries continue to evolve as well. As an industry, it is more crucial now than ever that we continue to push for innovative technology solutions that allow us to see the current blind spots we face.

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May 11, 2021
Why We Started Kognos

Prior to Kognos, our founding team was working at RSA, McAfee, Juniper, and Dell with a combined experience of 100+ years in cyber security. We all noticed how our customers’ skilled analyst teams were struggling to manage and understand exploding numbers of alerts that our event-based products generated.

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December 17, 2020
Case study - SolarWinds

Traditional analytical methods are still seeking a singular, atomic detections. Instead, we should be using our resources to increase situational awareness and leverage the relationships already found in existing data to intelligently follow interesting tracks throughout the network.

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October 15, 2020
Making XDR Agnostic and Autonomous

Emerging XDR solutions from Kognos are shown to provide agnostic and autonomous protection for enterprise security teams.

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October 8, 2020
VMworld2020 Reaction: How VMware’s Integrations Re-Shape Protecting Your Assets

Coming out of VMworld2020, it is more clear than ever that the industry is ready for an XDR strategy. This strategy is made up of five pillars: data, analytics, cross-domain, automation, and cloud.

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Kognos continuously monitors billions of relationships to detect suspicious behavior. Once detected, Kognos uses an AI powered inquiry engine to ask thousands of forensic questions per second to fully contextualize the attack and present the findings as complete attack campaigns, allowing the analyst to respond in real-time.


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