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Help Net Security Releases 2021 XDR Report

Kognos Highlighted as Notable Player in XDR Market

Help Net Security has launched a new series of reports "aimed at helping CISOs choose the right solution and vendor to meet their organization’s cybersecurity needs." The inaugural topic is XDR, and the report dives into the importance of XDR in combatting ever-innovating bad actors, and highlights Kognos among notable players in the XDR market.

Threat hunting takes a lot of diverse skills and, generally, a lot of time, which is a precious commodity that's usually in low supply in overworked security teams. The activity requires posing a lot of questions, getting a lot of answers, and having a way to extract from those answers enough relevant information to create valuable context to enable speedy mitigation. Precisely because all of that, autonomous threat hunting has become the main goal for Kognos. "Nothing out there can do what Kognos is able to do: generate interactive stories with extreme fidelity from a hunter’s perspective," Nair notes. "Starting with a hypothesis and by asking all the relevant questions on behalf of the threat hunter, the system traces the whole attack path in real-time and tells the hunter what really happened and how, allowing security teams to respond quickly and drastically reduce attackers' dwell time.”

Download the Full Report: Help Net Security: XDR Report

About Kognos:

Launched in 2020, Kognos is the cybersecurity industry’s first and only autonomous XDR investigator platform that detects, investigates and responds to attack campaigns. Founded on the principle that attacker behavior is indicative of attack methodology, attribution and data for exfiltration, Kognos leverages the power of relationships using security aware AI to fundamentally reduce dwell time by tracing the attacker’s path in real-time.


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