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SDxCentral Discusses Kognos XDR and Ties to VMware Carbon Black

Kognos Announces Interoperability With VMware Carbon Black

September 22, 2020 - Security startup Kognos, the latest vendor to tout extended detection and response (XDR), came out of the gate running today with its artificial intelligence (AI)-based XDR platform and interoperability with VMware Carbon Black.

Kognos XDR Platform
Kognos today launched the Autonomous XDR Investigator, which uses AI to automatically detect, investigate, and respond to attacks. The platform fuses events from companies’ existing EDR, NDR, SIEM, and other telemetry sources and puts them into relationship graphs that tell a unified story about an attack, Nair said.

“If you look at logs, and network metadata, and endpoint metadata, everything you are collecting, most organizations are collecting hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes of data,” he said. “And putting the onus of getting leads from some of these alerts and having to manually investigate and figure out what is happening is what is causing some of these breaches to continue to happen.”

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About Kognos:

Launched in 2020, Kognos is the cybersecurity industry’s first and only autonomous XDR investigator platform that detects, investigates and responds to attack campaigns. Founded on the principle that attacker behavior is indicative of attack methodology, attribution and data for exfiltration, Kognos leverages the power of relationships using security aware AI to fundamentally reduce dwell time by tracing the attacker’s path in real-time.

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